Pawns, Puppets, & Tyranny

Pawns, Puppets, & Tyranny
by Tom Forbes, a servant of Jesus Christ
2270 Glendale Road, Adamsville, Tennessee  38310
November 14, 2014

The American news syndicate is not a free press, neither is it American, nor is it in business to provide “news.”  The so-called “liberal” press is an essential component in the elitist agenda to rule the world; and while its left-wing slant is glaring, most Americans have no grasp whatsoever of the spiritual element that drives it.  The grim reality is that a fawning stable of psychopathic sycophants directed by a Luciferian oligarchy chairs all publically-held corporations of its choosing, runs America’s academic institutions, fills the top spots in state and national politics, and manipulates public thinking through its lap-dog media monopoly run by occultist editors, whose sole function is to dispense useful lies, conceal inconvenient facts, and demonize anyone standing to obstruct the final phase of the ongoing plan.  Those who imagine themselves to be abreast of current events by tuning in to Fox News are deceived:  Fox Corporation — owned by the diabolic tool, Rupert Murdoch (of the same cabal that runs the whole liberal industry) — was only erected as a hasty gambit to regain control over conservative viewers who in sheer disgust were leaving the national media circus entirely.  The flavor of Fox is more moderate, but the imperative to censor all news exposing the elite agenda is rigidly observed.

More insidious than the flagrant distortion of what the controlled-media reports, is the consistent non-reporting of facts and events which, if generally known, would quickly make the new world order conspiracy obvious to everyone.  The many “senseless acts of terror,” for example, now being committed throughout the U.S. are not senseless at all, but thoroughly planned (and often absurdly sloppy) soap operas.  When these contrived events are rightly seen as props in a propaganda campaign (rather than random coincidences) everything falls into place; but this view is not to be permitted and cannot even be approached without comprehending the “spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph 6:12) that pursues the scarcely veiled goal.  Beyond the damning factual details concealed by the press, there looms the foremost question in forensic investigation that is ignored by nearly everyone:  “Who stands to gain from these crimes?”  In every case the answer is the same, and all evidence leads to just one truth:  the inescapable reality of a collective lust for absolute power.

Throughout history, the elite hierarchy has arranged atrocities for political gain, and this chess game is now being played out on a massive scale in the U.S. where the public remains largely in denial:  “We don’t have conspiracies here!”  Planned acts of carnage have always been used to extort the kind of “progressive” (unconstitutional) usurpations that would otherwise meet substantial resistance — for example, the outrageously treasonous “Patriot Act” and Homeland Security bills, both of which were dead-locked in Congress until the World Trade Center hoax — and then passed easily.  (Such cowardly intrigues are grotesquely effective, but require co-operation from strategically entrenched quislings and dupes.)

In regard to the “9/11” event, although it is not generally well known due to intentionally obscured reporting, only two of the three buildings brought down were hit by aircraft, and onlookers standing outside the third building (WTC 7) were warned by city employees prior to its detonation to “leave the area” for the stated reason that it was going to be “pulled.”  Larry Silverstein, in a taped interview that never aired nationally, took credit for personally giving this order, but later recanted everything!  Individuals on the street testified of hearing a series of blasts inside the building immediately before its collapse; and investigation by demolition experts confirms that all three buildings were in fact brought down by high-tech explosives skillfully placed inside the structures; yet these admissions, revelations, and professional opinions brought only deafening silence from the national press.  The official (but guardedly admitted) explanation as to why Washington D.C. air space was so easily penetrated by third-rate camel-jockey pilots (who were flunking their flight training at a CIA air base) is that, by “coincidence,” the U.S. military, at the time of “attack,” was conducting a mock exercise that was identical to the “real” attack and thereby “confused the response effort.”  (Leaving other claimed coincidences aside, the timing and nature of Dick Cheney’s war-game should strain the credulity of even the most naive of Americans.)  The final official story in the 9/11 matter was produced by political hacks who transparently side-stepped the conspicuous facts, ignored the laws of physics, and dutifully came to the politically-correct determination that “fire” took down building seven.  And so, Americans are expected to believe that a modern steel frame skyscraper collapsed abruptly and symmetrically at free-fall speed into its own footprint, because of small blazes in a few windows that had self-extinguished by the time of collapse.  (The official story is a complete and unmitigated fraud.)  This inside operation required unrestricted access to the buildings prior to detonation — an impossible hurdle for Arab terrorists, but a piece of cake for Blackwater contractors overseen by cult-insider Bush family executives personally intervening just weeks before the 9/11 event to assume control over “security” in these three buildings.

A short list of facts among a much greater quantity of evidence is that; [1] historically, even in the case of raging inferno, fire has NEVER taken down a steel frame structure, yet it is now insisted that, in one day, fire brought down three massive steel frames.  [2] The professional nature of the demolition was instantly apparent to field experts, with video clearly showing not only complete, rapid, and symmetrical collapse of the buildings, but “central cores visibly dropping first . . . [3] material in the towers . . . converted to flour-like powder while falling . . . composed of molten steel spheres” having “thermite signature . . . [4] steel supports at anchor points completely evaporated”; and [5] “large pools of molten metal”; all indicating the use of “military grade explosives,” and entirely ruling out demolition by “spilled aviation fuel.”

The aircraft used in the 9/11 event served only as an operational distraction; just as Timothy McVeigh’s fertilizer-bomb-in-the-rental-van had been used as cover at the Murrah building in Oklahoma City; in both cases modern explosives being the real cause of the destruction.  Incompetent federal contractors in the Oklahoma job botched explosive triggers which failed to respond to “McVeigh’s” decoy, leaving much of the Murrah building standing and with un-detonated charges still attached to the outlying columns.  Two local television stations reported multiple explosions, in addition to the removal of the failed charges while the work was in progress, yet these direct observations were never mentioned again by the press.  First-responders, both police and fire personnel, personally witnessed federal agents removing these explosives, who flashed their badges when confronted but refused to be questioned concerning their activity.  Approximately thirty local officials made an issue of these seemingly unexplainable events and were thereafter systematically murdered in gangland fashion, yet this also was not thought newsworthy by the press!  Terrence Yeakey, a truly heroic on-scene police officer who was ordered by his commander to withdraw portions of his official report implicating FBI personnel, refused to do so — and was later brutally tortured while handcuffed (evidently seeking the location of evidence he was thought to possess), and assassinated with a bullet to the back of his head.  Yeakey’s execution, without any independent investigation whatsoever, was declared a “suicideby the FBI which forcibly took jurisdiction in the matter — the bureau thus intervening in a state homicide for the purpose of covering its own crimes — as it did also in the retaliation murders of other witnesses.  The inside nature of the Oklahoma operation was bizarrely highlighted by prominent politicians insisting there was “no need for investigation” and repeatedly calling for the crime scene to be immediately cleared away (as was also done in the aftermath of 9/11).  That the American people placidly accept such Machiavellian betrayal and fraud seems to confirm the adage that “Every nation gets exactly the government it deserves.”

A partial motive in the Oklahoma operation — the facts behind which were completely censored by the syndicated press — involved controversial evidence in connection with the BATF’s former raid at Waco, Texas, which evidence was stored in the Murrah building; and, much to BATF surprise and dismay, ordered by a federal court to be turned over to Texas Rangers.  Numerous federal officials at several levels faced embarrassment and severe criminal exposure from further revelations of systematic lying in covering up the Waco atrocity, now to be greatly amplified by a prolonged stalemate with the court.  All of this, however, ceased to be a problem when the proverbial “lone gunman” conveniently blew up the critical evidence with an “ANFO bomb”!  America’s judges, politicians, and news industry personnel just closed their eyes and pretended to believe that the dog ate the government’s homework.

A class room of school children died in the Murrah building, while the entire BATF staff and a selection of other federal agents were warned not to come to work on that day, and so escaped harm.  The teachers, parents, and children were NOT warned, and this issue was not pursued, discussed, or investigated by the press.  A local doctor exposed part of the scam after two FBI agents approached him with fabricated tales of personal heroism following the destruction, requesting the doctor to place a cast on one agent’s perfectly good arm (clearly intending to gain “good press” for the agency and make it appear they had been in the building).  The good doctor, however, refused to go along, and later reported to the state medical board a second doctor that submitted to the agency fraud — and then, like a long list of whistle-blowers before him, was killed in a plane crash on his way to a hearing in the matter.  Countless demolition professionals, naively thinking to help in the investigation, supplied personal affidavits certifying that it was physically impossible for a fertilizer-fuel-oil bomb to pulverize the steel-reinforced columns that supported the Murrah building, even if placed in close proximity, much less from street level.  (All of this was ignored by government officials and the press.)  In response to leaked reports of federal agents demolishing step vans with ANFO bombs at White Sands, New Mexico prior to this event; political officials simply instructed the nation to “disregard conspiracy theories,” while repeating the mantra that McVeigh “alone” engineered the destruction!  (How could they know that without an investigation?)  McVeigh was caught on video at a distant location at the time the infamous Ryder truck was rented by agency contractors; and neither McVeigh nor his CIA handler in the van with him could even find the building that McVeigh supposedly masterminded to destroy — both men on several occasions observed asking directions, and then caught on camera when finally parking at the Murrah Building.  FBI agents spent six weeks brow-beating witnesses at the Ryder Truck office into saying that the operative who rented the truck (who looked nothing like McVeigh) was McVeigh — and then celebrated their coercion skills while Justice bled to death on the street.

The only earthly obstacle to an immediate police-state in the U.S. is the fact that the Americans are considerably well armed.  When Adolf Hitler encountered this problem in taking over Germany with his national socialist party, he overcame it by staging repeated acts of gun violence with his own thugs, and then boldly arm twisting gun-control measures from a weak and compliant Reichstag under the pretense of restoring order.  History now repeats itself in America under the overtly treasonous Obama regime with Eric Holder’s operation “Fast and Furious,” a black-op intended to fast-track the confiscation of privately owned guns.  Of the many politicians and federal personnel who knew of this treachery, one ATF agent came forward to expose it:   Holder was sending large numbers of heavy weapons to Mexican drug cartels, ostensibly to “track” them, when in fact these weapons were not being tracked at all!  In the political damage-control, Holder lied to Congress, refused to turn over documents, lost his job as Attorney General, and refused to reveal what his psy-op was really about, because to do so would expose the conspiracy and his own high treason – and there will certainly be no prosecutions or any real investigation! (Think about that.) Fast-and-Furious is officially swept under the rug, but the agenda continues unabated through other illicit federal programs such as “MK-Ultra” (presently “Monarch”), a mind-control program that cranks out the parade of “nuts” and “psychos” who walk into strip malls, commit mindless acts of terror, and then typically kill themselves (thus making it impossible to implicate their handlers).  This modus operandi, with only minor variations, has succeeded throughout the world to produce a uniform result:  national gun confiscation, followed by rampant crime (all according to plan).  The disgrace of America’s lead role in carrying out this global evil was accomplished using corrupt politicians joined at the hip through interconnected and overlapping “round tables” and “secret” societies (Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Skull and Bones, Freemasonry, Illuminatti, Bilderburgers, Council on Foreign Relations, and so on, ad nauseam), all under the supervision of Luciferian family dynasties — Rockefeller and Rothschild at the top of the food chain — who oversee the whole planet — both Russia and China being enslaved under communist systems put in place through the tireless efforts of the U.S. State Department and financed by American tax-payers.  (We are used like fools.)

America proudly displays its depravity, with a military composed of women and sodomites bogged down in fighting endless, self-defeating, and fruitless Islamic internal-wars abroad — the result of Ishmaelite mentality and diabolic religion (Gen 16:12), a condition only made worse by U.S. meddling (timidly striking Muslim hornet nests with a broom) — while, under the pretext of helping “refugees,” the insanity is imported to America where burgeoning “gun free zones” invite militarily trained Islamic lunatics to wreak havoc on disarmed portions of the civilian public, with the news media repeatedly trotting forth distraught parents and concerned officials agonizing over all the deaths caused by firearms!  This symphony of propaganda has just one intent — to create a crescendo of left-wing hue and cry demanding that a nanny-state socialist bureaucracy provide its population of sissy-boys with a gun-free, padded-cell gulag so they can “feel safe.”

Concerning “unnecessary deaths by guns” the statistics are truly revealing, but the actual figures are anathema for gun-grabbers who must distract their audience with emotional fairy tales.  (The press feigns a deep love-of-life in lamenting “unnecessary death due to guns,” but this affection evaporates instantly on the issue of “women’s rights,” where it is rabidly insisted that taxpayers subsidize Planned Parenthood, an abortion-mill franchise whose sole function is the premeditated slaughter of a million babies every year.)  In order to place American gun deaths in perspective, the on-average eighty-three deaths per day by firearms (statistics for 2009) must be viewed in context; this number being wholly offset by the approximately four thousand times per day that guns are properly used in self-defense, where a death does NOT result.  In other words, because a gun was used, an American was not raped, robbed, or murdered, four thousand times every day, and nobody died!  The problem is not “too many guns”; but too few, especially in urban areas where police are reluctant to enter, and mobs of violent criminals are loose on the street who are undeterred by anything less than a gun pointed at them.  (Private citizens use guns to prevent crime three times more often than police do, and suppression of the second amendment in urban areas results in more crime, not less.)  Two thirds of the eighty-three gun deaths per day are suicides, leaving a balance of twenty-eight.  Of these non-suicide gun deaths, three fourths are inner-city gang related, leaving a balance of seven.  The subtracted twenty-one deaths per day are committed by criminal gangs who ought to be in jail; while, on the other hand, well armed citizens living in rural areas suffer near-zero gun deaths.  To put these seven deaths per day in further perspective, consider the fact that a hundred people are killed every day by automobiles, three hundred are killed every day because of properly prescribed FDA approved drugs and unnecessary procedures; and three thousand babies are intentionally murdered every day by their mothers with the help of a doctor who is sworn to “do no harm” (and the press is OK with it)!  These outrages continue because of a treasonous Democratic Party that stands for nothing but evil, a Republican party that stands for nothing, and a thoroughly debased society that has altogether lost its God, along with its conscience, common sense, and sanity.

The servile stooges defending unlawful federal operations — such as Waco, Columbine, Sandy Hook, 9/11, and the innumerable assassinations of decent men who hindered the elite agenda — are quite extreme in railing against those who perceive the evil, and will instantly invoke the accusation of “conspiracy theorist,” as though by merely mouthing this term, mountains of evidence and facts are made to disappear.  The drum-beat emanating from the halls of power is never directed toward the real need to facilitate the lawful right to bear arms so as to prevent future attacks; nor is it ever suggested that the perpetrators and their accomplices who engineer these treasonous operations should with manly firmness be found out and aggressively prosecuted; rather, a dumbed-down, drugged, and dazed public is cajoled into accepting passive denial and wishful-thinking as appropriate responses to the ongoing subversion and full scale war launched against them.  The monsters orchestrating this warfare have no choice but to disarm the American people in order to bring this country to its knees (which will be done, by one means or another) and it works greatly to their advantage that “educated” and patriotic Americans simply cannot comprehend that their nation is controlled at the highest levels by the most wicked of men (Luke 4:5-6), and apparently do not see that the debauchery is a prelude to tyranny, slavery, and genocide.


(This paper may be freely copied and distributed in its entirety.)