Two of These -tf

(WRONG AGAIN! There is only ONE!)

TWO "sabbaths" (ours AND "the Jews")

two resurrections (ours, THEN theirs)

two "kingdoms" to keep the ungodly package from exploding

two "mediators" (The Lord AND "Mary")

two "Holy Fathers" (in heaven AND in Rome)

two "sacrifices" (at Calvary AND at the "mass")

two "Rocks" (The Lord AND Peter)

two "authorities" (the bible AND "tradition)

two persons to "substitute for Jesus Christ" (the Holy Spirit AND the "pope") (One of these two is a blasphemer!)

two "tongues" (so the "Charismatics" can escape 1st Corinthians 14)

two who are "the mother of us all" ("New Jerusalem" in Galatians 4:26 is too "Jewish")

two "high priests,"

two "first loves,"

two "doors,"