Tom Forbes, a servant of Jesus Christ
2270 Glendale Road, Adamsville, Tennessee  38310
December 18, 2015

         Washington, D.C. has become a pagan den of iniquity that many Americans do not believe can be rehabilitated; but, at the very least, it is not the duty of “We, the people” to pretend we don&#8217t see the problem.  While the nation drowns in an ocean of lies and absurd political correctness, a puppet foreign-national with a transparently satanic agenda unlawfully occupies the White House, committing treason with every stroke of his pen.  Without even the slightest need to hide the fact that he is spearheading the utter destruction of America, Barry Sotoro (alias, Barack Obama) gets a free pass from the national “news” syndicate simply because the ruling global oligarchy that owns this Philistine also owns the propaganda industry that protects him, in addition to owning the political machinery in Washington and most of the states.  This Luciferian cabal of elitist planners not only decides who runs in critical elections; but, due to the U.S. public’s naive acceptance of electronic balloting, now controls who “wins” these dog-and-pony shows ñ while at the same time projecting the illusion of “choice.”  Proprietary software in the voting machines (owned by a private ring of globalist vendors) is SECRET and not subject to audit or examination by anyone!  As noted by Stalin, it’s not who votes that matters:  “it’s who counts the votes [or programs the software!] that determines everything.”  The official bureaucratic response to this is, “We just have to trust them,” in spite of the fact that numerous voters across the country observed their selection of Romney (an elitist clone) switch to Obama (the chosen clone) as their screens closed out, which “aberration” was recorded on video and further manifested by wide disparities between machine tabulations and exit polls.

         The plan to overrun the U.S. with Muslims has nothing to do with rescuing “widows and orphans” or improving our “multi-cultural” profile; rather, this blatant invasion by military-aged men is in fact a frontal assault against the soft underbelly of a spiritually drunken Republic (Rev 17:1-2); the final objective of which is to eradicate all evidence of Jesus Christ, “the Lion of the tribe of Juda” (Rev 5:5), from the face of the earth (Lk 21:17).  In pursuit of this goal, it was necessary for America’s enemies (both foreign and domestic) to first compromise the churches in setting up the world for the coming tribulation, and that attack was made on many fronts.  In 1954, apostate U.S. churches ñ infiltrated by Rome, “yoked” to the state through incorporation (2nd Cor 6:14), and under the advice of lawyers (Lk 11:52) ñ were offered federal tax exempt status in exchange for their freedom of speech through a diabolical “501(c)3” tax waiver scheme introduced by Lyndon Baines Johnson.  The pastors of the corporate churches greedily took the bait.  As a result, nearly all American churches are now politically-neutered, self-shackled, and specifically prohibited from speaking out against “federal policy” on pain of having their doors padlocked by the IRS.  Among the most damning consequences of this silencing of the lambs, a corrupt Supreme Court unlawfully legislates to the states that they must issue marriage licenses to sodomites, while Congress issues a death sentence against Israel by giving nuclear capability to Iran.

         The mounting federal assaults against heaven are calmly accepted by a drugged generation of Americans nursed on the lying propaganda of evolution, atheism, socialism, perversion, and abortion ñ the scholastic nucleus of U.S. public “education” (2nd Thes 2:10-12).  Now blindly drifting in a spiritual vacuum, American taxpayers subsidize “Planned Parenthood,” a private franchise that murders millions of babies and sells the mangled body parts for profit, while the people themselves are set up for slaughter by invading hordes of barbarian Ishmaelites.  (The irony is glaring.)  With nothing but deafening silence from materialistic corporate churches and their irrelevant “hireling” pastors (“dumb dogs” that cannot bark”) (Isaiah 56:10); a sickening circus of ignorance and deception now replays exactly as it did in the 1930’s when apostate German churches bowed to the brown shirts, displayed the swastika, saluted the Nazi flag, and sat in cowardly silence during Hitler’s push for “national socialism” ñ the same fascist ideology now adopted in its entirety on capital hill, and being turned into law by “progressive” politicians serving the global agenda (Mk 8:36).

         With millions of Americans praying that the country will survive another year with Obama in office, things are yet much worse than most Americans realize.  Even if lesbian Hillary Jezebel Clinton were to die tomorrow, and even supposing that a bonafide conservative presidential contender were received as a candidate and not assassinated by the CIA; it would still be impossible without the intervention of Jesus Christ to effect so much as a slight pause in the country’s downward spiral.  The present rubbish trotted forth from the oval office ñ that the American people should just “get over it” and now “love, tolerate, and understand” Muslims while Obama orchestrates his Islamic assault against the nation ñ leaves many Americans who are not completely brain-dead to declare that Obama must be insane, “clueless,” stupid, or “just doesn’t get it.”  These accusations are all inaccurate.  Obama perfectly grasps the elitist plan ñ and stages it with precision ñ and he is not at all (in the legal sense, at least) “insane.”  Barack Hussein Obama is a Kenyan national who went to Yale on a foreign exchange scholarship as being born in “Kenya.”  Hussein Obama is a Sunni Muslim with global ambitions, a pathological liar, a fanatic racist, and a homosexual pervert (like the Roman Caesars before him) who plays his treasonous role with unprecedented zeal as he aids and abets America’s enemies in the midst of a conspicuously ongoing but undeclared world WAR!  Obama is a murdering psychopath whose methodical assassination of Americans inconvenient to his agenda, or who stand as a personal liability, rivals even the Clinton death list in its brazen enormity.  (Are local prosecutors, coroners, and Justice Department lawyers simply frozen by cowardice, or are they, like the legions of unelected federal judges, partners in the treason?)  America is faced with a deadly CONSPIRACY of tremendous scope, a fact which Americans, for the most part, absolutely refuse to accept.  (To deny this naked corruption is as irrational as denying the existence of the Jesuit order, Freemasonry, media bias, and Satan ñ “the god of this world” (2nd Cor 4:3-4; Lk 4:6).)  As the shadow elite now proceed in plain view to flood America with the same barbaric enemy they forced on Israel for the last sixty-eight years, it remains for the American people that when this course is embarked upon it will be impossible to turn back from the horror of it (Jer 5:30-31).

         Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, and many other “civilized” nations now boil in chaos as a result of their elitist regimes importing Muslim refugees, a scheme made possible by U.S. meddling in the middle-east.  Islamic thugs rape, murder, and maim with impunity throughout Europe, which mayhem is kept concealed from Americans by their own news industry.  With police refusing to enter Muslim sections of Paris, and as the new socialist government announces its intent to make martial law “permanent” in France, Obama lectures world leaders from a podium in Paris without mentioning any of this!  Instead, this lap-dog con-artist preaches the religion of “global warming” ñ a fraud forced to shift its label to “climate change,” as even politically-correct “scientists,” under the deluge of facts, begin to admit that the world is not becoming warmer.  The great hoax continues nonetheless, so that the elite must now have a global tax on electricity under the pretense of “too many carbon dioxide molecules in the air” ñ a devilish distraction delivered by Obama while violence, anarchy, and an expanding police-state explode just outside the doors during this absurd Paris address to the nations.  Obama could be written off as lunatic; except that he isn&#8217t:  he follows an ancient script in his dialectic agenda and his tactics are as lucid as Jack the Ripper&#8217s.  This globalist pawn consistently exudes the bizarre assurance to America that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism and so there is nothing to talk about; thus cajoling sensible Americans to simply ignore the outrageous Muslim atrocities in the world as posing no grounds for alarm.  The fact is, however, that this satanic master plan will result in a bloodbath for Christians (Rev 6:9-11), a truth entirely contrary to fiendish “pre-trib rapture” deceptions sold to fawning apostate churches by paid deceivers John Nelson Darby, Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, and Hal Lindsey (Jn 17:15; 1st Ptr 4:12-13; Philippians 3:18-19).  As the approaching “great tribulation” (Mt 24:21-22; Rev 20:4) becomes increasingly more obvious, milky churches are encouraged to ignore the reality before them by clinging to their cherished satanic fairy tales (2nd Tim 4:3-4; 2nd Thes 2:1-4), now led by a president who skilfully portrays himself as also living in denial, in this twisted game of follow-the-leader (Isaiah 3:12).  Obama plays his part well; but he is not the architect of the plan, merely an ambitious tool (Eph 6:12).

         The treachery of disarming Americans while preparing for their extermination reaches a crescendo of treason as Obama initiates the pseudo-religious military invasion that will ñ as it has done already elsewhere in the world ñ lead the U.S. into terror and open war in the streets; all for the ultimate goal of finally eradicating Israel (Zech 12:3) and every vestige of Christianity! (Rev 12:17).  This is Islam!  This is Obama.  There is no “radical Islam” and there is no “moderate Islam.”  There is only Islam.  As Americans allow the discussion to be framed by the media in terms of “vetting Muslims to make sure we’re importing moderates,” they will become hopelessly overcome by savage internal warfare in which their elitist government will be fully revealed as having no intent to protect them, but functioning only to supervise their genocide.

         Americans are simply and altogether not willing to comprehend evil, and by their nature and culture wish to believe that “all religions are good,”or that all religions, at the least, “contain some good”; but this is absolute nonsense and unbiblical.  (Satanism flaunts itself in acknowledging this fact.)  Contrary to the madness promoted in the press, Americans must abandon their fuzzy notions of “even-handedness” and “uncritical acceptance of Islam,” or suffer annihilation for their ignorance.  If Americans really believe that Islam is “equal” to Christianity, then their claimed belief on Jesus Christ is a sham and their religion is in vain.  If, on the other hand, they see Islam for what it is, then they are truly insane to willingly bring this curse upon themselves.  If Americans remain divorced from scripture and continue to take religious advice from treasonous politicians and reprobate pastors working for the devil, they will see America stripped of everything American, while their sons and daughters learn Islam in public school, and scream for extermination of the Jews (Ps 135:4).

         Islam is not (and never was) “a religion of peace.”  Islam was created by “papal” Rome for the sole purpose of raising a surrogate army of killing machines so as to fight nomads occupying “Palestine” in a Vatican proxy war to seize “the Holy Land” ñ with the ultimate goal of allowing the Catholic “pontiff” to rule the world as “King of kings, and Lord of lords” from a “throne of David” in Jerusalem, rather than sitting like a caged “bird” at Rome.  Muhammad, a marauding Ishmaelite gangster chosen by the Vatican, married a thirteen year old Catholic girl who was used by Rome as a conduit to shuttle corrupted Old Testament scripture and cunning contrivances ghostwritten by Catholic priests to this puppet warrior king bankrolled by Rome.  The “religion” of Islam, entirely the brain-child of the Vatican’s unquenchable lust for power, is merely another daughter harlot of that Babylonish MOTHER OF HARLOTS” still seated at Rome (Rev 17:5-9), the spiritual fountainhead of all fascism.  From its very inception, Islam was intentionally designed so as to be intolerant, militaristic, and seditious.  To recruit new adherents it uses physical brutality, intimidation, and the most base of religious impostures (promising teenage suicide bombers an eternity in paradise with personal harems of “young virgins”).  By every conceivable measure, the Muslim religion is a complete fraud.  It is deeply satanic, and founded in hatred and death.  It is fanatically anti-Israel, anti-life, and “antichrist.”  To say that Islam is anti-social is gross understatement.  The descendants of Ishmael ñ under a religious mission tailored by Rome for the sole purpose of human butchery ñ will never assimilate into American culture, and cannot assimilate into any culture (Gen 16:12).  Officially, the Vatican has a “concordat” with Islamic heads, but the truth is that Rome has created a monster over which she has lost all control (Rev 17:16).  When Muslim “refugees” enter a target nation they congregate in “Islamic zones” that quickly degenerate into war zones, substantially driving out those who lived there previously.  (As tensions increase, the former residents either leave, or convert to Islam, or are murdered.)  Regardless of the disposition of individual Muslims who first arrive, their disaffected and disenfranchised children will grow up in Islamic ghettos under the tutelage of psycopaths running the mosques ñ who simply believe in practicing what the Koran in fact teaches:  “Death to infidels!” ñ and their youth will be turned into “fanatics.”  This breeding ground of evil will receive special protection from the highest levels, as seen today throughout Europe, while the former citizens increasingly live in terror and become a pariah in their own land ñ and so will be the end of America.

         Hillary Clinton ñ who personally ordered the murder of seventy nine men, women, and children in the Branch-Davidian church at Waco, Texas with the words, “Waste the f****rs!” ñ will not raise a finger against the mosques because she (along with all those serving the oligarchy) is in concert behind the Islamic agenda.  Muslim communities will get a green light from the corridors of power and they will rapidly expand in size and aggressiveness (“We will conquer you with our wombs!”) ñ all expenses provided by a taxpaying public that is already taxed to the limit and is now paying to raise up against itself an internal army of assassins.  (Muslim gangs do not need guns because they have knives and machetes, and when they come to your home they will out-number you.)  Eventually, the police (who have guns) begin refusing to enter these “No-Go-Zones,” and thus, by violence and intimidation, the cancer of Islamic law becomes the defacto law as it steadily supplants the previous legal system of the host country.  (The American Constitution will be a dead issue.)  Traitorous government cronies ñ living in gated communities with assault rifle toting body guards, and believing themselves to be safely above the fray that is endured by the common man ñ will gleefully report to the public how smoothly things are “progressing” now that we’re under martial law and “don’t have to worry about guns” anymore.  This is the future of America as it exists TODAY in Europe and much of the west.  Germany and Sweden are becoming the rape capitols of the world, while Great Britain now has within its borders more than fifty Muslim “sharia” courts that are, as a practical matter, outside the jurisdiction of British law.  As overwhelmed local governments gradually capitulate, the Muslim warlords become the unelected rulers of the expanding “zones” until there is nothing left that is NOT under Muslim law.  Regardless of the prior politics of the country, when Islamic numbers reach critical mass, a campaign of terror is launched against all non-Muslims; and when there is no one left to kill, their ranks fractionate into splinter groups and they proceed to kill each other on the basis of their differing sects.  This is Islam!  This is what it has always been.  This will be America (Ps 9:16-17).

         Obama has succeeded in purging from the military all senior officers not willing to fire on Americans to forcibly remove their arms, and has overseen the completion of more than eight hundred death camps across America (with massive gas ovens and miles of razor wire).  The coming holocaust would have been impossible if America had not first been led into spiritual darkness, and so this apostate nation enters its final chapter.  Obama’s remaining assignment is to continue hacking away at the second amendment, and to blather on about “widows and orphans” in an attempt to justify his Muslim invasion to the American public (like the sin of sodomy is slicked over by “lawyer-speak” that refers to the abomination of sexual perversion as “gay,” and makes the abortion of babies seem acceptable by labeling premeditated murder as “a woman’s right to choose,” resulting in more than three thousand babies killed every day in “the land of the free&#8221).  The present hailstorm of pro-Muslim propaganda is an exact replay of the pathology of seventy five years ago when “radical” Catholics in the U.S. pleaded for the Roosevelt administration to “understand” and “embrace” Hitler and his ideology, the “true religion” of Naziism.  (The “popes” were not able to lecture Congress in those days, and America went to war against this fascism.)  Quisling pastors who rise up from their ecumenical sewers to support Obama’s “refugee” agenda now openly collaborate with the same evil as launched under Hitler; and by endorsing the Muslim invasion they not only reveal themselves to be “the enemies of Christ,” but pave the way for genocide of their countrymen at the hands of those whose fascist ancestors aligned with the Nazis (Mt 7:20).  While it’s true there is a time for “peace” and “reaching out,” that time is not when “war” is leveled by a homicidal enemy inside the camp (Ecc 3:1-8).  This is not “love!”  (A man who would bring deranged killers into his home plainly hates his family.)  This is treason!

         Following in the satanic footsteps of Germany’s Angela Merkel, Hillary has promised that when elected she will bring into the U.S. twice as many Muslims as intended by Obama – a pitch clearly not intended to endear herself to the public, but offered as an open bid to the shadow elite to secure her fraudulent election as president, thus fulfilling her fanatic, life-long quest for power.  Exactly like Obama and Merkel, Hillary Clinton is a political whore.  She is for sale and without conscience:  she despises the American liberty that made her life possible, and openly parades her eagerness to serve the Luciferian agenda.  Although it is perfectly clear that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should both be hung for their crimes; this will not happen because there are no statesmen in Washington.  With half the politicians on capital hill solidly on board the Obama-train (including both Democrats and “Republicans in name only”) – who will do as they’re told by their handlers (this train is on tracks) – the other half are abject cowards whose only concern is their paycheck and their skin, and they are paralyzed with fear.  Beltway Republicans would rather have Hillary in office than anyone revealed to be truly conservative, and they will vigorously work against any candidate not personally invested in the “new world order.”  The political prognosis is grim, and the future of this wickedness is only starvation, terror, and extermination.  Because Christians (when they were many) neglected to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 1:3), they will now “suffer persecution” (2nd Tim 3:12) as the fate of the “few” (Mt 7:14); yet, nonetheless, those who “know their God shall be strong, and do exploits” (Dan 11:32).

         While the political “left” rejoice in the death of a once great American Republic, the other half of the population ignore the spiritual war raging in their midst as they work their way to poverty and slavery paying the taxes which fuel the corrupt federal regime that despises them; frozen in psychotic denial of outrageous treason and tyranny, sitting on the couch playing video games and watching football.


O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? [Mt 16:3]

(This tract may be freely copied and distributed in its entirety.)